texwrapSide-seal wrapper

Texwrap Packaging Systems introduces the T2011SSR continuous-motion side-seal wrapper, an updated version of its 2203 model. The T2011 has most of the features and functionality of the 2203, but includes new guarding with sliding safety-interlocked doors, the exclusive TGM2 side seal and an internal scrap winder. The cross sealer retains the patented hybrid pneumatic/cam design, which allows fast throughput speeds with smooth, horizontal carriage movement. The vertical end sealer is now servo-controlled. The unit can be combined with many different infeed designs and is available in stainless steel (shown) for food or other applications where moisture is present.

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boschRoller former

Launched by Bosch Packaging Technology at PACK EXPO International, the WRF 600 Flex roller former is designed to minimize or eliminate trim when processing masses for protein and fruit bars, cereal and candy. The model enables width changes without production stoppages, maximizing uptime and output, according to the company. It also features a smooth slab former with a flexible working width for easy, step-less and tool-free adjustments for precise cutting. The WRF 600 Flex gently forms the mass slab without applying any pressure; slab thickness can be continuously adjusted between 0.196 and 1.181 in.

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thermos fisherX-ray platform enhancements

To help food manufacturers meet an even broader range of food-safety and quality requirements, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. adds inspection capabilities and enhanced detection to its NextGuard X-ray platform. The system now inspects packaged products for flaws such as missing pieces or components using new, easily customizable NextGuard product verification software. Additional algorithms target the detection of less dense contaminants, such as glass or rocks in complex, textured products such as nuts or tea-bag cartons. Optional mass-estimation software uses the density information in the X-ray image to estimate weight and detect under/overfilled products. The enhanced NextGuard also features several hardware upgrades.

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tnaFilm-splicing system

The tna robag Auto-splice system automatically splices film, increasing packaging efficiency and maximizing product throughput by reducing the need for manual intervention, says tna. Coupled with a robag dual spindle-film system, the tna robag Auto-splice head splices film automatically, joining the start of a new, pre-prepared roll of film to the end of an expiring roll. Film preparation is carried out while the machine is still running, without interrupting the packaging process. The system is integrated with existing robag software. For the greatest efficiencies, the tna Auto-splice system requires a tna robag machine to be fitted with the tna Auto-track system, which automatically corrects itself by realigning the film system.

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Klübersynth FB 4 Series, an ultrafine, filtered, synthetic spindle and hydraulic oil, extends component life and reduces operating costs, says Klüber Lubrication. The series features three oils—ISO VG grades 32, 46 and 68—that lubricate rolling bearings of high-speed machine tool spindles. They can also be used in hydraulic systems and components, including dirt-sensitive servo valves, where cleanliness standards and/or classes are predetermined by the manufacturer. Klübersynth FB 4 Series are polyalphaolefins (PAO) oils of purity class 15/13/10 in accordance with ISO 4406 and meet HLP requirements of DIN 51524-2.

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romerAflatoxin test kit

Romer Labs announces that its new AgraStrip Total Aflatoxin Quantitative WATEX test kit has successfully undergone verification of performance as defined by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA), meeting all performance criteria and passing all evaluation tests. The new water-based testing method will allow food, feed and grain producers, as well as USDA-GIPSA-approved inspection agencies, to test for aflatoxins without using organic solvents, such as methanol. New dissolvable, pre-weighed extraction buffer bags simplify and speed up workflow.In addition, extraction equipment included in each test kit eliminates the need for additional extract clarification.

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