Spiroflow Holdings Inc., Monroe, NC, today announced the acquisition of Food Control Solutions Inc., a systems integration and automation company in the food industry. The acquisition was completed on April 1 and combines the strength of Spiroflow’s worldwide bulk material handling solutions and the automation expertise of Food Control Solutions.

“We are very excited about the acquisition of Food Control Solutions and welcome them into the Spiroflow family,” says Jeffrey Dudas, co-chairman, Spiroflow Holdings. “Over a year ago, we recognized the value of their custom automation and systems integration work, the quality and ingenuity of their solutions, and their excellent reputation. The acquisition of Food Control Solutions will allow us to provide complete end-to-end automated process solutions to our customers.”

Food Control Solutions began in 2000, with the principal goal of providing automation solutions to the food and dairy industries. Within two years, it became an approved integrator for one of the largest food processors in the world, which opened doors for new business throughout the food and dairy industries.

“We have incredible opportunities before us and look forward to the journey ahead,” adds Dudas. “The combined strength of the Food Control Solutions and Spiroflow teams allow us the powerful ability to expand our reach into our respective customer bases and provide a complete range of products and services no other supplier can offer. Spiroflow Automation Solutions, with Food Control Solutions, is well-positioned to become one of the top 50 worldwide system integrators within two years. Spiroflow Systems Inc. and Spiroflow Ltd. will benefit significantly by cross-selling our leading bulk material handling solutions to existing Food Control Solutions customers."