DSM, Heerlen, Netherlands, has launched "Science Can Change The World," a campaign designed to recognize scientists who are helping to change the world for the better. The campaign kicks off with a video celebrating four visionary scientists with the strength and persistence to pursue their dreams and, according to the company, drives home the message that science can play a pivotal role in creating solutions to societal challenges.

A series of vignettes on the campaign’s website—www.sciencecanchangetheworld.org—salute pioneers from the past and tell the inspiring true stories of some of the most influential game changers working in science today.

Science has had an enormous impact on the development of a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous society, says DSM, yet there is still much to be done to tackle the world’s most pressing problems such as hunger, poverty, disease and climate change. Every day, scientists across the globe strive to provide answers to these global challenges, making huge personal sacrifices to develop solutions that will benefit all. With its new "Science Can Change The World" campaign, DSM is highlighting the positive contributions they are making and the importance of these for our global society.

Scientific innovation that benefits society also reflects the ambitions expressed in DSM’s “Bright Science, Brighter Living” tagline. As a company, DSM seeks to put its scientific capabilities to work in creating brighter lives for people everywhere, by sharing ideas, insights and inspiration in order to find ways to solve the key challenges facing the world today.

“Bright Science is the backbone of our company and allows us to fulfill our purpose of creating sustainable value for society,” says Petra Severit, R&T director at DSM Engineering Plastics. “We acknowledge that, in order to have real societal impact, science should be a truly collaborative effort. The world’s scientists are a daily source of inspiration to us.”