Company: Koenig, Graz, Austria


Equipment Snapshot: Koenig unveiled an industrial bread roll line with a hygienic design at iba 2015 in September. The Industrial Bread Roll Line KGV-H was shown with several modules with the “H” hygienic design: the Industrie Rex AW-H dough dividing and round machine, KGV-H pre-prover line with Reginamatic stamping station, WDK-RR1000-H forming station, ABI 1000/1000-H retracting unit and an optional seeding unit. The hygienic design features frames designed for minimal surface contamination, all-mechanical drive components encapsulated from the dough area, sealed bearings, an open design for easy accessibility, large fence doors and easy-to-change conveyor belts. In addition, the Reginamatic stamping station’s quick-lock, reversible stamping cups, stamping tools and conveyor belts can be easily removed without tools. According to the company, the line’s output is up to 50 percent higher than that of other industrial bread roll lines currently available, with an hourly capacity of 45,000 pieces for stamped products. It can be used to produce round stamped, long rolled, long rolled folded, long rolled convoluted and flattened bread rolls.