Company: Mencom Corp., Oakwood, GA


Technology Snapshot: Mencom Corp. says its panel interface connectors (PICs)—also known as programming ports, programming interfaces and interface ports—can be mounted on the outside of a control panel enclosure and provide a quick, easy and safe method of accessing the contents inside the cabinet without opening the control panel door. By using a PIC to communicate with a PLC inside the cabinet, users can eliminate downtime and prevent the risk of arc flash and other safety concerns, according to the company, while saving significant time and money. Mencom PICs are rated IP65 (NEMA 4, 4X, 12).

Mencom also offers smaller interface circular connectors known as port adapters, which can be used in tight spaces. Available in metal or plastic, they can easily be mounted to a cabinet through a 1-inch-diameter hole. The circular port adapters are designed to use a single interface component. Several component options are available including, but not limited to, RJ45, RJ11, USB type A, USB type B, BNC, and fiber optics connectors. Like traditional PICs, these port adapters are also rated IP65.

The company’s T35 DIN rail modules, also known as breakout boards, are designed to make connections inside the panel. They can be mounted with a wide variety of connectors to the DIN rail while taking up minimal space and are easily customizable.