Company: Yale Materials Handling Corp., Greenville, NC


Equipment Snapshot: Yale Materials Handling Corp. says its new robotic lift truck technology can help deliver improved productivity and dependability, while reducing total cost of operations. The Yale MPE080VG end rider harnesses the power of Driven by Balyo technology to operate as a self-guided truck. The infrastructure-free navigation technology requires no tape, wire or magnets for guidance. Instead, it relies on existing structural features such as walls, racking and columns to self-locate and navigate. Suitable for a wide range of load transportation applications, the self-guided truck independently picks up, transports and drops off pallets anywhere on the floor, improving labor productivity by executing low value-added tasks and minimizing unnecessary stops, according to the company. The truck is equipped with manual and automatic modes for efficient operation in shared environments alongside employees and manually operated trucks. The Balyo architecture can also scale according to operational demands, providing the flexibility to manage a single truck or an entire fleet.