Company: Ingredion Inc., Westchester, IL


Ingredient Snapshot: Ingredion Inc. says its new NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350 are the first functional clean-label starches to deliver instant viscosity and excellent process tolerance, while providing high stability under cold temperature storage, giving manufacturers the ability to extend the shelf life of cold-processed or instant products in the freezer or refrigerator. NOVATION PRIMA 350 offers all the attributes of NOVATION PRIMA 340, as well as enhanced dispersion benefits for faster production in a wide range of applications, making it suitable for systems with stringent dispersion requirements. In addition to high freeze/thaw stability, the starches offer high stability to heat, acid and shear during processing, a clean flavor profile and smooth textures. NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350 can be used to formulate a wide variety of refrigerated and frozen foods, including cream and fruit pie fillings, fruit preparations and instant dairy desserts.