Packaged Facts is offering a new Culinary Trend Tracking Series webinar on “Innovation with Grains,” taking place Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST. The presenter is Kara Nielsen, culinary trendologist, and the webinar will be moderated by David Sprinkle, research director, Packaged Facts.

The webinar discussion will include:

  • Connecting to heirloom grain producers: telling the story of the new grain economy
  • Returning to traditional and ancient grains: breads, cereals, pasta and more
  • Leveraging nutrient-dense grains: sprouted and high-protein options
  • Snacking on grains: next-generation baked goods, salty snacks, and snack packs
  • Going against the grain: grain alternatives for gluten-free and beyond

The presentation will be followed by a 15-minute live Q&A session.

Kara NielsenKara Nielsen is an expert in the study of food and beverage trends and the consumer values that drive trend growth and adoption. For ten years, she has translated trends for strategic brand growth and new product development for food manufacturers, foodservice operators, and agencies through her work as culinary trendologist for Sterling-Rice Group, CEB Iconoculture Consumer Insights, and CCD Innovation (at which she also served as managing editor of Culinary Trend Mapping Reports, co-published by Packaged Facts). Nielsen holds a M.L.A. degree in Gastronomy from Boston University and a B.A. in French Studies from Northwestern University. A culinary professional for nearly 25 years, Nielsen has a background in food education, food and wine studies, pastry arts and restaurant hospitality.

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