Company: Bosch Packaging Technology


Equipment Snapshot: Bosch will exhibit its GML03 lab depositor and the laboratory drying room at PACK EXPO International – key elements to test jelly in smaller volumes, perfect for experimental or seasonal product testing. The new technologies allow manufacturers to upgrade current products and develop new recipes without disrupting their regular production processes. With an exchangeable pump system and a choice of different sizes of servo-controlled pistons, the lab depositor is able to process a wide range of product formulas to produce jellies, hard candies, toffees, fondant and other confectionery masses, including single, one shot, striped and striped with filling. To ensure scalability of the process, the depositor features the same recipe precision and ability to recreate that recipe, as found on industrial equipment. The drying room allows for the total control of drying parameters, which are graphically recorded and visualized on a built-in PC for optimal quality assurance.

Both technologies can be purchased, or rented, reducing product development costs and significantly improving time to market.