Company: JLS Automation and Soft Robotics


Equipment Snapshot: With developments by Soft Robotics, a single end-of-arm tool (EOAT) can now handle an unprecedented range of objects without the need for tool changes or software modifications between cycles. Soft Robotics has demonstrated the ability to grasp difficult-to-handle products with variable characteristics such as fresh produce or raw dough, all with a single device. This disruptive capability addresses unmet needs in existing markets and unlocks new markets for cost-effective automated solutions.

JLS partnered with Soft Robotics to help expand the capabilities of existing robotic packaging technologies. “Grippers” can now be integrated with JLS’ EOAT, which truly act as fingers that gently pick and place hard-to-handle products. The grippers are adaptive, cost-effective, simple-to-use and can help bring automation to traditional manual packing applications.