Company: Verso Corporation


Packaging Snapshot: Verso Corporation, a leading producer of flexible packaging, technical, and label and converting papers, introduced GlazeArmorMicro, a bleached, uncoated machine-glazed paper with oil and grease resistance (OGR) that is specifically designed for microwave popcorn bag applications.

The latest addition to Verso's GlazeArmor family of lightweight uncoated machine-glazed OGR papers, GlazeArmor Micro provides aggressive grease holdout for both inner and outer ply layers of microwave popcorn bags, offering kit grease resistance levels ranging from Kit 6 to 12 and excellent runnability and performance for high-speed bag converting and popcorn packing and filling operations.

The GlazeArmor product family is an integral part of Verso's broader portfolio of machine-glazed laminating and converting papers designed for flexible packaging applications. Featuring OGR levels ranging from Kit 5 to Kit 12, the GlazeArmor line offers excellent runnability, converting performance and multiple perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)-free chemistries, all key performance requirements for end-use applications such as sandwich and deli wraps, foodservice liners, microwave popcorn bags and laminated food pouches.

The GlazeArmor product line, including GlazeArmo™ Micro, is produced on paper machine No. 5 at Verso's Androscoggin Mill in Jay, Maine, and offers several basis weights, ranging from 15.5 lb. to 33 lb. (3000 sq. ft.), each optimized for specific end uses.