Company: Snyder's of Hanover


Introduced: September 2016

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.99

Product Snapshot: Snyder’s of Hanover’s pumpkin-themed Halloween Snack Packs include 30 of the 0.5 oz. individual bags of mini pretzels.

Add extra bite to the spooky season with Snyder’s of Hanover Halloween-themed snacks and dishes listed below:

• Inside a mix: Add pretzel sticks, snaps or minis to a mix of popcorn, chocolate pieces, candy corn and nuts for a sweet and salty snack suitable for fall gatherings and Halloween movie nights, alike.

• On top of cupcakes: The natural pretzel curves in Snyder’s of Hanover traditional Thin Pretzels make great replicas of spider legs when broken and added to the top of cupcakes. Add marshmallows for the eyes and a spooky spider cupcake is complete with creepy crawly legs for munching. Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels also can be used to resemble skeleton bones and other Halloween-worthy snacks.

• Under sweet desserts: Crushed pretzels make a great crust for brownies, pies and cakes, and add an extra crunch to each bite. Any variety of pretzels can be broken down and added to melted butter as the foundation of a crunchy crust for baking. Making homemade caramel apples this Halloween? Roll the bottom in crushed pretzels for a little salty and sweet snack.