Company: IntelliTrack, Inc.


Technology Snapshot: IntelliTrack, Inc., a developer of affordable software applications for barcode, RFID, batch and Wi–Fi (RF) data collection, announced the launch of its new real-time locating system (RTLS) with built-in temperature and motion detection notifications. IntelliTrack is scheduled to launch its solution at Barcoding Inc.’s Executive Forum in Baltimore this October.

IntelliTrack’s new RTLS and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solution is the first of its type on the market and enables users to:

  • Identify location and temperature of hundreds of assets in a few seconds.
  • Reference detailed logs of when and who moved assets.
  • Significantly reduce the time spent looking for assets.
  • Gain full visibility of your assets’ lifecycles.
  • Increase accuracy of inventory counts.
  • Reduce asset loss.