Company: Pak Group North America


Ingredient Snapshot: Pak Group North America, through its Bellarise brand, has announced its new vegan and clean label 5% brioche base. In addition, Bellarise have also developed a 2% brioche improver for commercial bakers with a view to enhancing their current recipes.

The decision to create both clean label and vegan products was based on key market indicators and consumer values. According to a 2015 article, 36% of US food consumers prefer dairy alternatives, and 35% of US consumers connect vegan foods with healthier diets. Only about 1% of baby boomers seek vegan or vegetarian options, while 12% of US Millennials prefer them. “Vegan” and “vegetarian” represent an underexplored frontier on the clean label map, and Pak Group’s commitment to clean label has yielded a brioche base that helps commercial bakeries produce breads that an increasingly health conscious market–and new generation of consumers–demands.

Walt Postelwait, President of Pak Group, elaborated on how well Bellarise Clean Label 5% Brioche Base performs in industrial bakeries. “Bellarise Clean Label 5% Brioche Base delivers brioche – a classic French recipe that consumers seeking vegan options have missed – to an untapped market while producing a delicious bread that is simple, clean label, and all-natural. Its oxidation and softening systems are all enzyme-based, and eggs were replaced with natural emulsifiers. In the end, you get a vegan and clean label brioche with the same buttery flavor notes, closed crumb structure, and texture we identify with classic brioche.” For bakers seeking only the oxidation and softening systems of the base, Bellarise Clean Label 2% Brioche Improver is available directly from Bellarise.

Bellarise Clean Label 5% Brioche Base and Bellarise Clean Label 2% Brioche Improver are available now. Contact Pak Group directly for more information.