Company: Florigo Industry B.V. (from tna)


Equipment Snapshot: Florigo (from tna) has announced the launch of a new continuous potato chip fryer that features patented opti-flow technology for improved frying performance. The new conti-proPC 3 fryer’s integrated opti-flow technology optimizes the oil flow through the kettle, ensuring that each potato slice is evenly fried, limiting the formation of acrylamides and reducing the amount of rejects by up to 10 percent.

Florigo’s patented opti-flow technology is based on an innovative oil inlet section that changes the fluid dynamics within the kettle to increase oil flow speed and produce a more streamlined laminar flow over the full width and length of the fryer pan. Normally, as the oil flow increases in the fryer so does the turbulence, which can cause the oil to spin in one place, resulting in unevenly fried potato slices and therefore an increase in the level of acrylamide and rejects. Florigo’s unique opti-flow technology effectively minimizes the occurrence of turbulence by removing 99 percent of cyclone dead spots at the beginning of the fryer. This maintains a nominal flow speed throughout the fryer, preventing debris from settling and ensuring that potato slices don’t absorb or carry any excess oil. As a result, each potato chip is evenly fried, lowering the level of acrylamides and reducing the number of rejects for enhanced product quality and increased yield.

The Florigo conti-pro PC is the first fryer in the company’s portfolio of high performance processing equipment to feature built-in opti-flow technology. Other features of the Florigo conti-pro PC 3 include a product transport system with spring steel sealing, an easy-to-navigate touchscreen operating system and an insulated hood with condensation collecting pan that can be automatically lifted. The new fryer comes with a unique and durable constructed frying kettle with rounded corners and sloped bottom and is fitted with an Internal Clean in Place (CIP) system with hidden pipes in the hood to further ease cleaning and maintenance. The fryer can also be equipped with a double heat exchanger that enables the injection of cooler oil towards the end of the frying process and an integrated defatting belt to prevent potato slices from absorbing or carrying excess oil. Together with Florigo’s opti-flow technology, the combination of these three cutting-edge features helps manufacturers produce healthier products with reduced acrylamide formation.