Company: tna


Equipment Snapshot: tna has launched the first ever VFFS packaging system with fully integrated labeler and inserter, making it the only manufacturer in the world that offers a completely integrated turnkey packaging system. Available as part of tna’s flagship robag packaging system, the patented labeling and inserting technology enables the high-speed application of promotional labels and/or insertion of value-added two-dimensional items, such as coupons, and three-dimensional items like toys or dry or liquid-filled sachets into primary packaging.

Directly mounted onto the tna robag, the inserter and labeler from tna’s Unique Solutions brand do not require any additional floor space and are easily configured and controlled via the tna robag control screen. This allows for a simple setup and complete ease of operation. Depending on the size of the label/insert, the integrated equipment delivers unprecedented speeds of over 450 labels and 500 inserts per minute, offering customers the highest level of performance in a single packaging system.

Acquired by tna in November 2015, Unique Solutions is a leading provider of inserting and labeling technology and now forms part of tna’s complete portfolio of integrated processing and packaging solutions. The entire portfolio of Unique Solutions’ full range of inserting and labeling equipment integrates seamlessly with most packaging lines/equipment or can be purchased as part of a fully integrated VFFS packaging solution for optimum performance.