Key Technology introduced their new book, “The Definitive Guide to Digital Sorting for Food Processors.” This 76-page technical report offers an in-depth look at every relevant aspect of digital sorting systems, including sensors and lighting, software intelligence, mechanical configurations, performance expectations and more. It covers the range of available technologies from the basic to the most sophisticated and describes distinctive capabilities and functionalities.

“Our customers are often engineers and other technical people who want to understand how digital sorters operate. This guide explains each element of the system and how the elements interact as a whole. This information helps people make appropriate decisions for their businesses, communicate as a team and drive their sorters to achieve the highest possible performance,” said Steve Johnson, senior director of Global Marketing. “This book represents the collective knowledge of an advanced group of Key engineers at the leading edge of this field. By sharing our technical expertise we’re providing a tool that will help food processors be as successful as possible.

In addition to explaining the fundamental operating principles of digital sorting, “The Definitive Guide to Digital Sorting for Food Processors” discusses the variables that impact the performance of the system. It highlights the need to consider the product characteristics and production objectives of each application in selecting and maintaining a sorting system that maximizes product quality, increases yields and reduces operational costs.

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