Company: Hinds-Bock


Equipment Snapshot: Hinds-Bock’s Hot Print Icer applies smooth top icing to a wide variety of baked goods and is ideal for cinnamon rolls. The icer gives the finished product a rolled-on, gapless icing coating, and utilizes a double-walled heated and agitated tank with high quality, variable frequency pump and filter assembly. The rotary lobe servo pump keeps the rotating drum coated in warm icing as product passes underneath, “printing” icing onto the product. In addition, the Hinds-Bock String and Waterfall Icing feature can be added to this system giving you extra versatility. Both the belt and drum are variable speed to accommodate different icing characteristics and production volumes. All line settings are controlled through a color-touchscreen HMI making it simple to operate.

The conveyor uses a two part pass through wire with bakery belt section. Catch pans are used to collect product falling through wire section keeping the production area clean. The conveyor hinges up, away from the icer for easy cleaning and loading of icing. The two-piece roll away design allows for the equipment to be moved out of production area for sanitation. Additional customization is available.