Clextral will host a short course for food processors about the technology and new product opportunities of twin screw extrusion at their short course, September 2017 in Tampa, Florida. During two and a half days processors will learn how to create extruded foods with high consumer appeal that can help them to increase their profitability and expand their markets. The short course combines classroom sessions and active demonstrations, providing a comprehensive overview of the theory and practical considerations of extrusion processing. The demonstrations will be performed on the latest extrusion technology platform, the EVOLUM+ extruder, in Clextral’s food-compliant test center.

Participants can discuss questions with Clextral’s extrusion experts and network with other processors to gain new perspectives and knowledge on this versatile technology. Lecture topics will include extrusion trends, grain selection, processing considerations, product quality and further processing. Demonstrations will show extrusion, product drying and coating, co-extruded foods (pillows with fillings), and whole grain snacks.

For more information, visit or contact Clextral Inc., 14450 Carlson Circle, Tampa, FL 33626, tel: 813/854-4434; fax 813/855-2269,