Company: Beckhoff Automation LLC


Technology Snapshot: In order to provide high-quality industrial display solutions to cost-sensitive applications, Beckhoff has introduced the new CP6906 Control Panel display. Offering a 7-inch touchscreen with 800 x 480 WVGA resolution, and a robust housing consisting of an aluminum bezel and sheet steel rear cover, this passive display is the ideal solution to answer applications with pronounced budgetary constraints – without sacrificing quality.

Manufactured according to the highest standards in Germany, the CP6906 is intended for engineers seeking to add a reliable, compact interface at a low cost. Once combined with a controller, such as a DIN rail mounted CX series Embedded PC or a cabinet mounted Industrial PC (IPC) from Beckhoff, the result is a very inexpensive and compact control and HMI solution for machines, plants, buildings and other equipment. For maximum installation flexibility, the CP6906 integrates DVI/USB Extended technology, enabling remote operation as far as 50 m away from the PC.

With the latest addition of the CP6906, Beckhoff offers a full range of low-cost options for cost-sensitive applications in the low to medium performance range. The entry level range now spans from the most basic Control Panel in the CP6906, all the way up to full-featured IPCs and Panel PCs with powerful CPU options. Built to the same exacting quality standards, the other compact panels in this series include:

  • CP6606 Panel PC equipped with ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 7-inch screen for basic control applications
  • CP6706 Panel PC equipped with powerful Intel Atom processors (up to 4 Cores) and 7-inch screen for small to medium-sized control applications