Company: JLS Automation


Equipment Snapshot: Customers have expressed a need for solutions that offer greater overall productivity, connectivity and flexibility and JLS has delivered. A hygienic robotic packaging system that integrates motion, logic, safety and HMI into a single scalable platform - that’s what you can expect from JLS’ next generation wash down packaging systems. This new platform is immediately available for both Talon robotic pick and place systems and Osprey robotic case packers.

With an on-going commitment to food safety, the next gen systems carry forward the sanitary design standards that JLS customers are used to. A stainless steel (IP69K rated) delta robot with higher payload capacity (up to 30kg / 66 lbs.) is now part of the next gen systems. Other sanitary features of the next gen systems will be standard open frame design for easy access, inspection and maintenance, sloped surfaces for easy runoff and 4 levels of sanitary design.

A leading edge industrial computing platform was integrated to offer superior motion control and a path to Industry 4.0 concepts of greater flexibility and IOTT connectivity. This stable and versatile control system features a small electrical footprint, allows for simple system expandability, is easy to use and offers simplified remote diagnostics. Video and animation directly through the HMI for operator training and troubleshooting are also available.

“Hygienic design and flexibility is the backbone of JLS packaging systems,” says Craig A. Souser, president/CEO. “Our next gen systems take those principles to another level. Customers want systems that not only get the job done, but are sanitary, flexible and truly operator-friendly. Throw in remote monitoring, Industry 4.0 and connectivity. Our next gen offerings certainly answer the call.”

To learn more, download a copy of JLS’ next gen whitepaper here: