Company: Kollmorgen


Equipment Snapshot: Kollmorgen will be exhibiting at Pack Expo, September 25 – 27, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV, Booth C-1751. The company will introduce a new generation of synchronous servo motors – the AKM2G. Kollmorgen applied decades of design and development experience to optimize the electromagnetic technology of the AKM2G. The result is a configurable, high-performance motor with increased power density and improved torque/speed ratio, which provides OEMs the ability to get up to 30 percent more performance out of the same motor size or to select a smaller motor with equivalent performance.  

“A key advantage for our customers is that the AKM2G can be dropped in to replace competitive motors in existing designs to increase performance without increasing the size of the motor,” said Melanie Cavalieri, product manager at Kollmorgen. “For new machine designs, the AKM2G provides customers the capability to decrease the size and footprint of their machine as compared to today’s alternative solutions.”  

The AKM2G features six frame sizes with up to five stack lengths and performance levels between 0.3 and 10kW. It will offer selectable options such as feedbacks, mounting configurations, and performance capabilities. Due to the modular design of their products, Kollmorgen is better equipped than competitors to adapt motors to the requirements of a specific application in parallel with standard production needs.  Machine builders are then able to choose from a wider range of standard models that leverage Kollmorgen’s extensive product and application knowledge.  

Kollmorgen will continue to offer the other products in the servo family, including AKM Servo Motors with performance levels between 0.075 and 19.5 kW, as well as food-grade, wash-down, and the innovative AKMH Hygienic Stainless Steel IP69K motors for wash-down and food grade applications where machine builders and customers require the highest performance and most durable product in the harshest of environments.  

AKM2G motors are optimized for use with the Kollmorgen AKD Servo Drive and the forthcoming AKD2G family of next generation servo drives and are also capable of providing all their design benefits in conjunction with the customer’s choice of servo drives.