When Bill and Denise Pratt, who have owned the McTavish Co. since 1994, decided it was time to retire from cookie making, they wanted to find a buyer for McTavish that would maintain the company’s family-owned environment and focus on the production of high-quality shortbread cookies. The Pratts found exactly what they were looking for in Peter and Karen Wood, new entrepreneurs out of Camas, WA, who were searching for the perfect business to purchase.

“Peter and Karen will inject a new energy and bring new ideas to McTavish, while maintaining the family-owned approach that our employees and customers cherish,” says Denise Pratt.

The Woods bring a great deal of management and production experience to the table. Peter has eight years of food and beverage experience, plus 20 years of production experience. Over the past twenty years, Karen has served as managing editor and contributing writer to a variety of business-to-business magazines. Together, the Woods have a strong understanding of production, marketing and sales.

“We are very excited to join the McTavish team,” says Peter Wood, who will serve as the company’s new president. “McTavish is a strong company making an excellent product, and we are committed to continuing that excellence.”

With the sale comes a slight name change: the new company will be known as McTavish Shortbread LLC.