Company: Green Park Brands


Introduced: September 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.49 (1 oz. package), $1.95 (1.5 oz.), and $3.49 (4 oz.)

Product Snapshot: HIPPEAS, a range of organic chickpea puffs, has debuted a new look. Its award-winning yellow pack design has been given a fresh design update. The unique chickpea puff now stands front-and-center, highlighted by a bright color strip that distinguishes their five different flavors, adding to the already stellar shelf-impact. With the packaging updates also comes improvements to their flavor profiles. The Vegan White Cheddar is “cheesier,” Sriracha Sunshine has a bolder bite and Bohemian Barbecue (previously Happenin’ Hickory) is now packed with even more barbecue goodness.

The redesign comes months after Strand Equity Partners, a leading growth equity fund co-founded by Seth Rodsky, and Leonardo DiCaprio invested in the company. HIPPEAS was also a recent recipient of Forbes’ CircleUp25 Award as one of the “Most Innovative Consumer & Retail Brands of 2017.” Designed to appeal to the increasingly health and socially conscious millennial, the strong identity of the HIPPEAS brand took inspiration from the spirit of the original hippie era of the 1960’s and updated it for a modern audience. The combination of the brand’s striking look and unique blend of healthy ingredients is set to energize the category and is already proving a hit with retailers.

“We’ve received a lot of love for our award-winning packaging so we didn’t feel the need to make wholesale changes. Rather, we listened to both our consumers and retailers in making slight improvements. We felt these subtle changes—the new color block and puffs on the front—will make a big impact in both educating consumers and standing out on shelf.” – Joe Serventi, HIPPEAS General Manager, US.

HIPPEAS are all USDA organic, certified gluten-free, vegan, low in calories, high in protein and fiber, and are available in the following flavors:

• Vegan White Cheddar – Righteously cheesy puffs… just without the cheese.
• Sriracha Sunshine – Tangy-sweet spicy jalapeño and paprika puffs
• Far Out Fajita – A fiery stash of chili, paprika and cumin puffs
• Pepper Power – A fist pump of pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt
• Bohemian Barbeque (previously Happenin’ Hickory) – Sweet tomato, onion and garlic with a sweet barbecue bite

Core to the HIPPEAS brand mantra of “Peas Love & Giving Back” and the insight to its millennial, “modern hippie” consumer, HIPPEAS believes that “tastes good” and “do good” can be in the same sentence. To bring this brand purpose to life, HIPPEAS has partnered with Farm Africa. HIPPEAS will be giving a portion of sales to support farmers in eastern Africa grow themselves out of poverty and build more prosperous lives. HIPPEAS is currently sold in over 25,000 stores in the US and UK with customers including Starbucks nationwide, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Albertsons, Safeway, Boots, Waitrose,, Thrive Market and more. For more information, visit