Director James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis Cameron have announced that they will be investing in an organic pea processing plant in Saskatchewan.

He appeared in Vanscoy on Monday, located southwest of Saskatoon, to announce that he and his wife have created Verdient Foods to handle 160,000 tons of pea protein.

The couple have embarked upon a 4-year research contract with the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Center, a nonprofit. Once the plant is operational, it will be the largest North American pea protein facility.

The couple's goal is to develop organic products, produced by Canadian and global companies, using ingredients from the Verdient plant. All of the products will be organic. 

At the Vanscoy news conference, James Cameron said that he and his wife were inspired to start the plant because of  their decision to eat a plant-based diet. 

Source: CBC, 9/18/17, Hollywood director James Cameron invests in Saskatchewan pea processing plant