Company: tna


Equipment Snapshot: tna has unveiled a new, fully automatic closed loop slurry mixing and spraying system at Pack Expo that delivers advanced levels of application consistency and accuracy. The new tna intelli-flav CLS 5 was specifically designed to accurately and efficiently blend and apply slurry seasoning to a range of extruded and dry snack products. Featuring a single tank and up to six precision spray nozzles, the tna intelli-flav CLS 5 continuously monitors the under-surface mixing of the oil and seasoning powder to deliver a homogenous mix for a consistently flavoured, high quality product with reduced slurry or product waste.

With four different spray lance designs to choose from, the tna intelli-flav CLS 5 integrates seamlessly into smaller on-line seasoning systems like the renowned tna intelli-flav OMS 5 and larger, main-line seasoning systems such as the tna intelli-flav MLS 3, offering manufacturers a variety of spray ranges for the ultimate production flexibility. The tna intelli-flav CLS 5 features a compact, single tank design with a low volume reservoir (50l/13gal) that ensures there is minimal waste during the frequent flavour changes of short production runs, but is equally suited for high volume throughput levels.

“Shorter production runs with regular flavour changes have become the norm for a lot of our customers as they try to respond to consumer demand for greater variety,” comments David Woollard, group product manager - seasoning at tna. “However, for many, slurry mixing still remains quite a labour and time-intensive, batch-by-batch process that doesn’t always produce the consistent, quality product they require. With our new tna intelli-flav CLS 5 we can now offer manufacturers a continuous, fully automated mixing process within a single system. In combination with our advanced spray nozzle design, this ensures that each slurry is mixed to perfection and snacks are coated evenly every single time with less tumbling requirements, reducing waste and delivering a consistently high quality snacking experience. At the same time, the compact design of the system means that it’s ideal for quick flavour changes and does not take up excessive floor space like conventional mixing tanks.”

Built to IP65 standards, the tna intelli-flav CLS 5 can easily withstand regular washdown procedures to meet the stringent hygiene regulations of the global snack food industry. In addition, the system’s nozzles feature tna’s unique atomising air control technology for an even slurry flow that reduces blockages. An extended spray lance with seven nozzles and integrated auto-clearance system is available and can act as a failsafe, in which additional nozzles will be automatically activated until the original spray guns have been cleared, eliminating any interruption to the production flow.

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