Company: Goodway Technologies

Equipment Snapshot: Goodway Technologies, a global manufacturer of innovative maintenance products, is launching the newest version of the BIOSPRAY surface sanitation system. The product line, acquired earlier in 2017, has undergone a complete redesign. The patented, portable system offers a faster and more efficient sanitation process than manual sprayers or wipes.The cordless system’s patented anti-freeze technology allows for a continuous spray up to 90 minutes, without a power source.  Safe for water-sensitive equipment, BioSpray D2 is ideal for use in a food plant or processing facility. The BIOSPRAY system uses advanced CO2 delivery technology to safely apply BIOSPRAY D2 EPA registered food-grade surface sanitation in a highly calibrated stream for full coverage that reaches smaller cracks and crevices.

While alcohol typically cannot be sprayed due to flammability concerns, the CO2 propellant in the BIOSPRAY device renders the alcohol inflammable making the fine mist spray safe and capable of spanning greater distances. Water-based sanitizers carry risk in dry food production environments due to microbial growth concerns, making alcohol sanitizers especially desirable. The BIOSPRAY D2 sanitizer, which is used with the BIOSPRAY, contains 58 percent isopropyl alcohol content, which completely dries off the water balance within 60 seconds after application, leaving the environment 100 percent free from residual moisture.

In high-risk food processing environments, such as meat or dairy, the new BIOSPRAY technology is a high-value tool that allows facility managers to sanitize in water-sensitive areas without stopping line production. Compared to trigger-spray bottles or wipes, the BIOSPRAY system delivers sanitation formula faster and more thoroughly. The technology reduces labor time by up to 63 percent while applying up to 88 percent less product, as validated by independent lab testing and certifications.

“Food safety and sanitation is critical to the success of food processing facilities, especially with the increased priority and stringent regulations as a result of the Food Safety Modernization Act,” says Tim Kane, president, and CEO of Goodway Technologies. “When paired with our dry vapor steam cleaning solutions and other industrial cleaning and sanitation products, the BIOSPRAY system and BIOSPRAY D2 sanitizer allow us to offer complete and effective sanitizing and disinfecting solutions for our customers.”

The food and beverage industry faces increased scrutiny and enforcement as a result of the recently enacted FSMA law. The BIOSPRAY D2 is a ready-to-use, no-rinse sanitizer that is powerful, yet safe for use on food-contact surfaces. It sanitizes surfaces within 60 seconds and disinfects in five minutes, making it an ideal tool for industry professionals to help protect against mold growth and serious health hazards such as Listeria, Salmonella and E-Coli.

Goodway Technologies acquired the BioSpray Power Pack Systems from 1 Priority Biocidal, LLC, and distribution rights for the BioSpray D2 sanitation product several months ago to help meet the growing demands placed on its customers.