Company: Piab


Technology Snapshot: Piab's new Customizable Bag Gripper (CBG) design tool is a unique software program that allows customers to design/configure world-class and lightweight vacuum grippers for perfect handling of bags and pouches weighing up to 4.4 lb. Optimally designed vacuum gripper tools for best-in-class grip on specific bags or pouches can be realized within two minutes.

”Our customers can now design their own unique gripper tools for even the most challenging of applications with bags or pouches that are really very tricky to get a grip on. And it is just a two-minute job,” says Josef Karbassi, vice president of Piab's Automation Division.

The easy-to-use "2 minutes-to-design" CBG tool saves days, or even a week, of engineering work, resulting in huge cost savings for robot/system integrators or end-users needing new vacuum gripper tools for their bag/pouch handling robots. The customized grippers include everything needed for gripping bags or pouches with the highest reliability even at high speed. It comes with fully decentralized (one per cup) dust proof SX12 COAX vacuum generators, state-of-the-art piGRIP "bag-lip" suction cups, stabilizers around the cup, and an automatic quick-release function.

Finished with their designs, users click on the "send for a request" button alerting Piab's 3D print gripper team of experts, who will get in touch to confirm the design before starting production using the automatically generated and protected high quality 3D print file. A 3D download is available to customers as well as a unique code for the configured gripper.