Company: KPOP Foods

Introduced: April 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 (12-pack)

Product Snapshot: KPOP Foods is the new brand helping Americans discover and enjoy Korean food and flavors. The LA startup creates food products such as an organic, roasted seaweed snack that invite today’s generations to easily take part in the ultimate social experience that is Korean food.

While in the US Army, co-founder Mike Kim introduced many of his soldiers and colleagues to the cuisine. Similarly, co-founder Theo Lee hosted authentic dinners for his friends while serving as a financial analyst in Dallas and Los Angeles. The blend of brilliant flavors and the feeling of shared excitement created by these meals caused both those familiar and previously unfamiliar with Korean food wanting more. Both Kim and Lee independently realized, however, that for the majority of Americans, Korean food was still foreign and inaccessible, ultimately making the pursuit of these tantalizing flavors intimidating.

“People love Korean flavors but find them intimidating.” – Theo Lee, KPOP Foods co-founder

The two co-founders met while attending business school at UCLA Anderson and instantly connected through their similar experiences around sharing Korean food with others. They created KPOP Foods to be America’s navigator for the sensory and social adventure that is Korean food.

With a fast-growing fan base, KPOP Foods has released their newest product, KPOP Sea Snacks along with a commercial. KPOP Sea Snacks is an organic roasted seaweed snack made with high quality, all-natural ingredients. Kim and Lee chose seaweed as the company’s next product because of its wide presence in Korean cuisine and because they grew up inhaling it!

KPOP Sauce and KPOP Sea Snacks are available to order online at and Amazon. KPOP Foods will continue to develop products that help people discover and enjoy Korean food.