Bay State Milling Company has announced the relocation of its Woodland, CA specialty grain milling facility. The move to a new site in Woodland provides for a significant increase in space over the operation’s former building. The additional area allows ample room for enhanced capabilities in support of customer needs and new product introductions.

At its core, the move enables the growth of the company’s Partner Sourced Ingredients program with a significant increase in storage including dedicated areas for gluten-free and organic plant-based ingredients. With expanded space for milling and blending of specialty and ancient grains, the larger facility supports the processing of SowNaked high protein oats into flakes and flour. Cinnamon milling operations have shifted from Bolingbook, IL to provide updated processes and improved logistics. Blending capabilities, in addition to a wider range of packaging configurations, allow for improved service to customers.

A new clean room is home to the company’s SimplySafe heat treatment which delivers a validated 5-log reduction on relevant pathogens with end-to-end environmental control and monitoring. Initially applied to SowNaked oats and rice flour, the program will be fully integrated across the company’s portfolio of specialty flours by the end of this year.

The clean room incorporates filtered air, positive air and dedicated equipment which can be accessed by a limited number of specially-trained associates to minimize the risk of product contamination. These features are critical to provide an essential layer of safety for ingredients used in products such as cold-pressed bars, overnight oats and ready-to-eat foods processed without a kill-step.

“Offering added capabilities in a new plant with enhanced personal and food safety investments that will support and scale new product introductions is critical to serving our west coast customer partners and emerging new businesses. In combination with our recently completed Bolingbrook, IL expansion, we continue to build upon a national network for specialty milling and blending to serve the growing consumer demand for unique and innovative plant-based ingredients,” cites David Sachs, vice president and general manager of Mini-Milling and Blending.

Relocation efforts which began in August are nearly complete. The move resulted in a number of new jobs for the Woodland community.