American Pretzels, based in Reading, PA, is proud to begin manufacturing gluten-free private label pretzels for retailers and CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies nationwide. This innovative facility possesses the latest certifications and technology critical to producing all types of high-quality pretzels, of a myriad shapes and sizes both bulk and retail format. Today, American Pretzels is excited to offer both retailers and CPG companies the opportunity to partner with best-in-class operators who have decades of experience at Nestlé and Snyder’s of Hanover, and who pride themselves on innovation and product development.

American Pretzels is entering the gluten-free marketplace at precisely the right time. The global gluten-free packaged food market is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 6 percent in 2019 alone. Meanwhile, the younger the consumer, the more intense their love for gluten-free: 38 percent of Generation Z and 32 percent of millennials said they are willing to pay a premium for gluten-free products. Unsurprisingly, bakery products & snacks are the top gluten-free foods among this powerful, health-savvy consumer group.

Retailers and CPG companies can rest assured that their products will be of impeccable quality. American Pretzels packaging machines can handle most packaging applications including vertical form filled, gusset bags and more. Additionally, American Pretzels can manufacture any shape under the sun: pretzel sticks, rods and nugget capabilities can be added, and organic ingredients are also an option.  These features allow the pretzels to manufactured in small and large batches, while using the highest-quality, freshest ingredients.  

American Pretzels new facility is in the heart of downtown Reading, PA. Reading is a wonderful location for commerce especially when a company needs a co-packer East of the Mississippi that can supply and deliver both on a production and logistical perspective. According to Reading’s Chamber of Commerce, the city is within an overnight drive of 100 million people (approximately ⅓ the US population); furthermore, nearly 400 companies are headquartered in Greater Reading. Reading is also known as the Pretzel Capital of the World: nearly ⅓ of all pretzels baked in the US are made in Reading!

Today, American Pretzel’s leaders are excited about this move. According to Doug Branstetter, COO, “We are excited to introduce innovative gluten-free snacks and looking forward to being part of this growing snacking craze.” Of course, in the end, it all comes down to quality: “What’s really exciting is that our own pretzel formulas are so good you won’t believe they are made without  wheat. We’re extremely proud of our 3rd-generation recipes,” proclaims plant manager Butch Morgan.