TorQuest Partners has announced the acquisition of Bartek Ingredients Inc., a specialty products manufacturer specializing in malic acid, fumaric acid, and maleic anhydride for food and beverage, animal nutrition, and industrial applications.

In foods and beverages, Bartek’s malic acid ingredients—commonly used in beverages and candies, as well as other food applications—impart a desirable sourness reflective of fruit flavor profiles like apples and citrus fruits and delivers an array of functional benefits, including intensifying flavors, improving aftertaste, and deepening and broadening the flavor profiles of a variety of applications.

“Demand for malic acid is on the rise globally,” said Matthew Chapman, partner at TorQuest. “Bartek is the market leader in malic acid, with distribution to more than 35 countries around the world. TorQuest is committed to supporting Bartek as it expands its capacity and capabilities to better serve its customers, under the leadership of incoming CEO John Burrows.”

In addition to its malic acid ingredients, Bartek produces fumaric acid products that extend shelf life, improve machinability, and deliver a cost-in-use benefit in baked goods, fruit juices, candies, jellies, jams, and more.

Beyond food and beverage applications, fumaric acid benefits animal nutrition products: as a replacement for antibiotics in animal feed and increasing feed conversion in piglets in the post-weaning period.

“Cost-in-use remains a major opportunity for both human and animal nutrition brands to deliver a quality product with cost efficiency,” said incoming CEO John Burrows. “Whether seeking to improve taste, create operational efficiencies, or make a more effective product, we help our customers apply our specialty products to achieve their objectives.”

Supporting its production of malic and fumaric acid ingredients, Bartek also manufactures maleic anhydride, a versatile intermediary chemical. Used in the production of malic and fumaric acids, maleic anhydride also supports the production of a wide range of industrial products—copolymers, surfactants, and more.

With a focused product portfolio delivering wide-ranging benefits, Bartek’s specialty products improve taste, efficiency, and efficacy for brands around the globe. Supported by TorQuest and with new leadership, Bartek intends to continue its growth trajectory.

“TorQuest values Bartek’s proven capabilities and is committed to providing capital equity to support the next stage of Bartek’s growth,” said Chapman.

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