Company: Hostess Brands 


Introduced: February 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.99

Product Snapshot: Back in 1919, Hostess began baking what has become America’s #1 cupcake. In celebration of this centennial milestone, Hostess Brands, LLC has launched Hostess Birthday CupCakes, available for a limited-time-only as part of its annual CupCake Craze retail program.

To kick off its 100th birthday—dubbed the “Hostess Sweetennial”—Hostess has created Birthday CupCakes with the taste of everyone’s favorite party treat – birthday cake! The CupCakes feature golden cake with festive rainbow sprinkles baked inside and a decadent vanilla icing. Topping the treat are more rainbow sprinkles and, of course, The Original Squiggle®.

“For Hostess, turning 100 is about all the people who have included us in their special occasions and everyday moments of indulgence,” said Keith Peterfeso, Hostess Brands’ brand director for all day snacking. “With this latest product innovation, we are sharing our birthday cake with Hostess fans across the country—spanning demographics, tastes and generations—inviting everyone to take part of this once-in-a-century celebration.”

The Birthday CupCakes are part of Hostess’ annual CupCake Craze, featuring several limited-time-only flavors. In addition to the new Birthday Cupcakes, CupCake Craze 2019 is reintroducing Hostess Mint Chocolate CupCakes, a frosted chocolate cake with creamy mint filling, and Hostess Strawberry CupCakes, a frosted strawberry cake with creamy filling. Hostess Chocolate, Golden, and Orange CupCakes are available year-round.

Each of the flavors are available nationwide, for a limited time, in multi-pack format with the Birthday CupCakes also available in single-serve. Hostess Birthday CupCakes are available now in multipacks for a suggested retail price of $2.99. They are also available now at Sam’s Club at $7.98 in a special variety pack with Chocolate CupCakes.

Hostess asks consumers to stay tuned for additional Sweetennial moments to partake in as the celebration continues throughout the year.