On February 5, 2019, Bakery Concepts International was issued a patent for a mixing chamber suited to hydrating or mixing a variety of dry ingredients with a wide range of liquids (U.S. patent no. 10,195,572 B2).

As noted in the patent, the mixing chamber has an accumulation chamber that evenly distributes ingredients as they pass a liquid spray nozzle, resulting in uniform hydration. The liquid may be sprayed at a variety of pressures to achieve varying levels of granule hydration to permit the manufacture of dough, batter or other compositions. Even dry ingredients which are generally slow to absorb moisture may be rapidly and evenly hydrated without an excess of liquid. Process parameters, such as volume flow rate of the dry and liquid ingredients, can also be varied.

“Rapidojet’s ability to instantly mix or hydrate everything from a 2 percent hydrocolloid solution to a 65 percent biga results in higher product quality and a rapid ROI,” says Ken Schwenger, president, Bakery Concepts International, Enola, PA. “Our radical benefits are derived from our two patents.” A previous patent was issued for the system used for high-pressure liquid addition to dry ingredients.

“Our mixing chamber’s unique design, combined with our patented use of high-pressure liquid addition, allows for instant, consistent, homogeneous mixing or hydration of any dry ingredient,” notes Schwenger. This includes flour, vital wheat gluten, pre-gel starch, whole-wheat berries, bran flakes, pectin and much more. “Continuous mixing of gluten-free batters and masa for corn chips has also been achieved.”

For more information, visit http://bakeryconcepts.net.