Company: Life's Grape


Introduced: March 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99-$20.99

Product Snapshot: Life's Grape, a family-owned, California-grown business, is breaking into the world of snacking with their new Selma Pete vine-dried grapes. Made with grapes that are dried from soaking up the warm California sun right on the vine, Life's Grape offers superior flavor and juiciness with every bite. Bursting with energy, Life's Grape® is the perfect snack with just the right natural boost of sugar for both adults and kids.

Life's Grape was founded in 2019 by Basia and Courtney Gillespie, a mother-daughter duo carrying on the thirty-year family tradition of growing grapes in the beautiful vineyards of the gorgeous Central Valley region of California. The snack is made using Selma Pete grapes which are a cross between three popular grape varieties. One of the key characteristics of Selma Pete grapes is early ripening, which allows for more time on the vine drying so that the grapes can reach peak flavor, nutrition, and juiciness. In addition to having an incredible taste and nutritional value, the process of growing Selma Pete grapes uses the same amount of water to create twice the yield.

The Life's Grape product lineup includes Classic Vine-Dried Grapes, Mini Vine-Dried Grapes and for those with a sweet tooth, Dark Chocolate Dipped Vine-Dried Grapes. Each serving of the nutritious snack is under 120 calories with no added sugar and provides natural energy through the day. TheClassic and Mini Vine-Dried Grapes are both all natural, fat-free, non-GMO and Paleo-friendly. They both use the same Selma Pete grape, with the minis offering a smaller size that is a great choice for kids or as a topping. The dark chocolate dipped version offers the Classic Vine-Dried Grapes, dipped in dark chocolate and then dusted with rich cocoa powder.

"Our family has been in the industry for over thirty years and it has brought us such joy to be able to utilize our knowledge of grapes to reimagine their place in snacking," said Courtney Gillespie, president and COO of Life's Grape. "We grow, process, and package Life's Grape on our vineyard, so this truly is a product that is being made with love.

Life's Grape products are available in three different varieties and two sizes on and The 13 oz. resealable packs of the Classic Vine-Dried Grapes and Mini Vine-Dried Grapes retail at $9.99 and the 13 oz. Dark Chocolate Dipped Vine-Dried Grapes at $12.99. Perfect for convenient on-the-go snacks, the (12) pack-1 oz bags of Classic Vine-Dried Grapes and Mini Vine-Dried Grapes retail at $17.99 and the Dark Chocolate Dipped Vine-Dried Grapes snack pack at $20.99. For more information on Life's Grape please visit