Company: Graphic Controls

Technology Snapshot: Perishable goods can spoil a supply or distribution channel. For over 60 years, Graphic Controls has provided solutions to record and interpret temperatures, serving industries such as food and beverage, chemical, floral, and pharmaceuticals.

The TrekTag BT Temperature Data Logger is designed to bring reliability and peace of mind to the customer who requires temperature data they can use to focus on their brand, customers, and bottom line.

TrekTag BT allows the reading of tags hundreds of feet away as well as through walls, trailers, containers, cartons and coolers.

The tags can be placed on the outside of a pallet (like traditional loggers) or inside a box or carton with the product. They can also be attached (permanently) to the inside of trailers, containers, or to warehouse/store shelves.

TrekTag BT features:

  • Read distance up to 100 meters
  • Read/Write and instantly reusable
  • Definable logging intervals from one second to one day
  • Continuous logging -- tag doesn’t need to be “started”
  • Can hold over 12,000 temperatures between reads
  • Multi-year batter life - alkaline or lithium options
  • Rugged, water-tight enclosures
  • Button used to “mark” logistics events
  • Barcodes for data collection
  • LED indicator shows logger status
  • Standard unit comes with one mounting tab
  • Optional light detection