Company: MacFarms

Introduced: October 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.20 (1 oz. package), $7.99 (4.5 oz. package)

Product Snapshot: From NACS 2019, MacFarms introduced its lineup of on-the-go confectionary snacks to partners in the convenience industry. Focusing on mindful indulgence, MacFarms combines the rich and buttery flavor of sustainably grown macadamia nuts with dark chocolate, caramel, and coconut candy coatings. In addition, the company is offering its more health-conscious options from Royal Hawaiian Orchards in single-serve packaging, featuring non-GMO and heart-healthy snacks for those looking to enjoy macadamia nuts in their more natural form.

As a good source of protein, macadamia nuts are more nutritious than traditional snacks, making them the perfect treat to curb any craving.

“We wanted to provide the convenience industry with a snack that allows customers to feel great about enjoying something that they love, while still feeling indulgent,” said K.C. Blinn, general manager of MacFarms. “All of our products are a great pick me up and packaged for people to enjoy on-the-go. We are excited to expand our product footprint to be available to more consumers, and are looking forward to gaining new distribution partners during NACS.”

MacFarms products include:

  • Caramel Sea Salt: This caramel infused macadamia nut is crafted by MacFarms and caramel-coated for your taste buds’ pleasure. Starting with only the finest macadamia nuts, this treat will satisfy all your tropical cravings.
  • Kona Coffee Dark Chocolate: Full of tantalizing flavors these Kona coffee dark chocolate macadamias are made from the finest ingredients. Every taste is like a tropical adventure.
  • Coconut Macaroon: A truly tropical treat, the coconut macaroon macadamia nut is like a little bite of paradise. Made with the finest macadamia nuts and candied coconut, this blissful nut will leave you seeing palm trees.
  • Milk Chocolate: A fresh take on two classic flavors; our milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts are thoughtfully crafted treats you can never get enough of.

In support of their better-for-you, heart healthy, four ounce shareable-pack line, Royal Hawaiian Orchards now offers four of their signature flavors in a one ounce single single-serve grab n’ go pack, ideal for convenience store shelves. Flavors for the single serving packaging includes:

  • Sea Salt
  • Natural
  • Sea Salt Cracked Pepper
  • Hawaiian BBQ