KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) has announced the acquisition of Creative Snacks Co., a family owned better-for-you snack manufacturer based in North Carolina. Creative Snacks' award-winning snack offerings feature premium ingredients and include almond and coconut nut clusters, trail mixes, granolas, and pretzels. This partnership will allow both KIND and Creative Snacks to offer healthy and tasty snacks across more categories.  

Founded in 2009 by Hilary and Marius Andersen, Creative Snacks was built on a commitment to create better snacks for everyone. Creative Snacks has fulfilled this promise with a portfolio of snacks made with real ingredients, much care, and plenty of love.

"The Creative Snacks team has demonstrated a clear commitment to quality and a unique ability to craft snacks that are both healthy and delicious," says Daniel Lubetzky, founder and executive chairman of KIND. "We look forward to partnering with Marius and his team to make their award-winning snacks available to more people."

This is the first acquisition for KIND, signaling the company's ongoing commitment to becoming the foremost global leader in health and wellness. With this acquisition, KIND is poised to expand its share of the healthy snacking market through a now broadened product portfolio and multi-brand approach.

"We are proud to become part of the KIND family. Creative Snacks has always been a family-owned business founded on something bigger than just snacks—and we believe that aligns perfectly with Daniel and KIND's broader purpose of fostering a kinder, more empathetic world," says Marius Andersen, founder and CEO of Creative Snacks Co.