Tribeca Oven, a manufacturer of artisan bread, has announced its plan for supporting a sustainable future through the implementation of the Central Plains Wheat Program. This initiative supports farmers in Kansas, helping them to invest in sustainable wheat practices that increase land, energy, and water efficiencies. Customers will be able to enjoy the signature quality of Tribeca Oven products with a knowledge that they value environmental needs, taking future generations into consideration.

“Our goal was to find a way to give back to the environment and create a promising future,” said Kelly Crouse, senior vice president & chief commercial officer of C.H. Guenther & Son, parent company of Tribeca Oven. “For that reason, Tribeca Oven is committed to supporting growers who are looking for ways to improve essential farming and harvesting practices that leave a positive impact on the environment.”

Through this collaboration, Tribeca Oven and the Kansas wheat farmers will establish a baseline of progress metrics using sustainability indicators including: land use & nutrient efficiency, soil loss & soil carbon, energy use & greenhouse gas emissions, and water use & quality. These metrics will be evaluated after each growing season to identify successes and opportunities where the partnership can collectively contribute to environmental improvement. This is the first of many environmentally-focused initiatives planned as Tribeca Oven accelerates its commitment to sustainability as a company-wide mission.

“As an industry leader, it was important for us to align with a cause that we are passionate about,” said Crouse. “By supporting these planet-friendly efforts, Tribeca Oven continues to deliver on its promise of making great-tasting bread while setting a positive example for our industry to follow.”