Flavorchem Corporation has released their 2020 Trends & Flavor Forecast. Flavorchem analyzed the latest product releases, market intelligence reports, and social media buzz to predict the latest industry and flavor trends, including: 

  • Sustainability first:  Sustainable consumption, supporting small businesses, and getting closer to the brand will be chief concerns in 2020.
  • Plant-Based bloom:  Plant-based innovation continues to flourish as a result of consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics, which ties into the broader consumer lifestyle trend towards cleaner living.
  • CBD everywhere: According to Forbes, the consumer CBD market is estimated to grow to $2.1 billion by 2020 from $202 million in 2015.
  • Smarter snacking: There will be high demand for nutritious foods that are easy to prepare, convenient, portable, yet still indulgent.

The full report details how industry trends will influence flavors in food and beverage products in 2020. “Our in-house analysts work closely with our Flavorists to create flavors that represent the latest in trends and innovation. Our team has conducted extensive primary and secondary research to ensure our clients have the latest industry intel,” says Laura Dembitzer, director of marketing and communications.

To receive a copy of Flavorchem’s 2020 Trends & Flavor Forecast or to create a new custom flavor in your own application, please email contact@flavorchem.com.