Byrd’s Famous Cookies, one of America’s fastest growing cookie and snack companies, recently purchased Selma’s Cookies, a successful bakery based in Orlando, Fla., as part of a strategic expansion. The purchase makes Byrd’s Famous Cookies, owned by CEO Stephanie Lindley, one of the specialty food industry’s largest cookie companies and expands the company’s product line to include brownies, crispy rice treats and large soft-baked cookies.

Founded by Selma Sayin in 1990, Selma's Cookies provides popular private label sweets to major theme parks in Florida and California, Las Vegas casinos, top grocery chains, leading department stores and specialty coffee shops. The company’s production facilities strategically located near major theme parks in Orlando, Fla. and Anaheim, Calif. were included in the sale.

“We're excited about the future, about Byrd's expansion and about the opportunity to serve sweet treats to a fast-growing customer base at America's leading theme parks, grocery stores and department stores,” said Lindley. “I look forward to meeting with and welcoming all of the employees in Florida and California into the Byrd family.”  

Sayin added: “I'm confident that Selma's Cookies is in good hands and that our uncompromising commitment to quality, customer service and innovation will continue under Stephanie’s leadership. This new synergy will benefit all of our customers.”

Byrd Cookie Company provides bite-sized specialty cookies to a wide range of major retailers, high-end convenience stores, grocery chains, and inflight food service companies. Byrd currently operates 10 retail stores and plans to open new stores in Gatlinbug, Tenn. and Savannah, Ga. in the first quarter of 2020. The company’s current production facility, which bakes more than a billion cookies annually, is based in Savannah, Ga., where Byrd has been headquartered since 1924.

Selma's Cookies has a 30-year legacy of success, which includes providing private label items for theme parks, Fresh Market, Target, Wawa and Books-A-Million. Originally founded in Orlando, Fla. in 1990, Selma’s also offers a wide range of customization options for corporate clients. 

“Stephanie and Selma share an uncompromising commitment to quality, so this merger is a natural fit,” said Geoff Repella, president of Byrd Cookie Company. “Byrd’s Famous Cookies and Selma’s Cookies are both women-owned companies with strong legacies and impressive track records of success.”

Byrd Cookie Company was originally founded in Savannah, Ga. in 1924, when Benjamin Tillman “Pop” Byrd, Sr. opened a small bakery and traveled to local markets in panel trucks. Today, the family-owned company—now in its fourth and fifth generation—has just completed a major expansion with the mission of putting more cookies in more mouths and making sure that cookie jars around the world are never empty.  

“It will be exciting to serve our customers from three distinct production facilities,” said Byrd’s Director of Operations Jamie Lindley. “We hope to offer new opportunities and improved economies of scale from all three states.”

One of the fastest-growing independent cookie and snack companies in the United States, Byrd bakes delicious bite-sized cookies and operates popular retail stores in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and soon in Florida. Popular Byrd cookie flavors include Key Lime Coolers, Georgia Peach, Maple Wafers, Chocolate Chip, Scotch Oatmeal, Benne Wafers and Salted Caramel. Gluten-free cookies are also available.

Byrd’s Famous Cookies and Selma’s Cookies will celebrate their merger at the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show, which will take place Jan.19-21 in San Francisco, and will be exhibiting in booth #5563 and #1526. The companies will also be joining forces at the upcoming International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA), Sweets & Snacks and Summer Fancy Food Shows.