Introduced: January 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

Product Snapshot: PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company, is thrilled to introduce four new classic All-American snack cracker flavors: Crispy Cornbread, Sweet Butter, Crispy Cheese, and Lightly Salted, as well as a retro packaging refresh of its All-American brand. The company is receiving widespread, unprecedented enthusiasm from its buyers and is looking forward to engaging new business partners with these richly flavorful and wholesome crackers. 

PARTNERS developed these four Classic American favorites, slow baked with simple ingredients and nothing artificial, based on valuable input from its distributors, retailers, and consumers. The company has also redesigned the All-American packaging, giving it a vintage retro feel that evokes, as the products do, the taste and quality of homemade baked goods—from a time when recipes were made from scratch with familiar ingredients. The company is planning to further expand the revitalized All-American brand with new flavors later in 2020.

“To say our buyers are responding positively to these new crackers and packaging would be an understatement,” said Cara Figgins, president of PARTNERS. “This is truly the most excited we’ve seen them—across the board—about new PARTNERS products in our company’s 28-year history. We believe we’ve hit the target for the new decade with our innovative recipes for these sweet and savory ‘new yet old-fashioned’ snack crackers and how we are presenting them.”