Company: Wherefour, Inc.

Technology Snapshot: Wherefour traceability and ERP software now has enhanced track and trace capabilities for inventory returns, standard cost analysis features, and self-service options for its new customer ordering portal.

The new software release streamlines inventory return processing via barcode scan and retains full traceability whether inventory is destroyed, donated, placed back in service or converted into new products, said Matt Brown, Wherefour founder and CEO. “This makes the entire process very easy especially when inventory is processed back into service as an ingredient in a new product, for example,” Brown said. “It is key from a track and trace standpoint.”

A self-service login has been added to the customer ordering portal that shows finished stock on hand. This can allow Wherefour customers’ sales teams to have real-time inventory visibility and place orders on behalf of their customers. The new portal allows customers of Wherefour users to manage their own orders and access invoice history 24/7. The software release also allows companies that use Wherefour’s production module to add standard cost to recipes and formulas in order to track cost variances on work orders and address root causes of discrepancies, he said.

More information about Wherefour is available at or by calling 415-930-4028.