Company: Robotray Industrial Automation


Equipment Snapshot: Miami-based Robotray Industrial Automation will be bringing its bakery automation systems to help wholesale, commercial and industrial bakeries to deal with the labor, food and employee safety, efficiency, sanitation and hygiene issues facing the industry today. 

The first of many systems Robotray is offering is an automated rack loading and unloading system which can load, unload racks, or do both, and can handle various size trays, pans, boards and even strap pans, from single or double racks, without each being handled by employees. Speeds can be up to 14 trays per minute with a single head unit or up to 28 per minute with the dual head unit, so this is a very fast, efficient and compact system for high throughput industrial requirements

Touchscreen controls, with self-diagnostics, and recording of cycling performance are standard features. The system is very quiet and reliable and the open frame design can be easily cleaned and sanitized, and even power washed, to assure complete hygiene and food safety.