Omnichain, an enterprise focused on providing intelligent supply chain process automation software, has announced the appointment of Jeff Kroeker as vice president of sales and business development. With more than 30 years of experience helping companies accelerate and realize exponential growth, Kroeker will be responsible for expanding Omnichain’s sales team, guiding its market expansion strategy, advising on ongoing product developments and building customer relationships.

Pratik Soni, founder and CEO, Omnichain, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Jeff to the Omnichain leadership team. Since Jeff has started, he has been proactive in learning the depth and value proposition of our holistic supply chain management platform. His extensive supply chain experience and customer relations will be of huge benefit to getting to the heart of our customers’ toughest supply chain challenges—and aligning them to Omnichain’s platform offering to solve them. Jeff has already rolled up his sleeves to contribute to Omnichain wherever possible—from a product standpoint to assisting with marketing efforts. I can confidently say that Jeff’s appointment will continue our hypergrowth during these times where supply chain optimization through intelligent process automation is at the forefront for any organization.”

Before joining Omnichain, Kroeker held sales and business development leadership positions with a variety of businesses—ranging from small start-ups to multibillion-dollar enterprises—largely providers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) supply chain management applications. He has played a key role in enabling these organizations to reach new levels of growth and success, including several eventual strategic acquisitions. Notably, in the span of a five-year period, he helped one burgeoning company grow from $9 million to $30 million in annual revenue. These accomplishments, according to Kroeker, are only eclipsed by the fundamental enjoyment he receives from seeing positive results and feedback from customers.

On joining Omnichain, Jeff Kroeker said, “Omnichain offers a truly innovative solution that is exactly what the supply chain needs today and for the future. For too long, siloed systems have meant disconnects between downstream consumption and upstream supply and manufacturing, leading to costly and reactive decisions. What we offer is the ability to connect such disparate systems and an accurate, accessible means of leveraging their data through distributed ledger technology, a.k.a. blockchain. The result is real-time transparency and visibility across the supply chain, which paves the way for advanced statistical analysis and artificial intelligence that can guide companies towards optimal supply and demand balance and profitability. I look forward to helping Omnichain build as a company and enable more customers to discover the transformative benefits of our solution.”

Kroeker is based in Lake Arrowhead, California. He is a homebrewer and highly passionate about the food supply chain, having directed ERP sales to food and beverage manufacturers and distributors most recently at Oracle NetSuite.