Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery was recently able to talk to Paul Jenks, director of sales and marketing, Syntegon, New Richmond, WI, about their response to COVID-19.


Liz Parker: How has COVID-19 affected Syntegon in general?

Paul Jenks: We are seeing high demand during the coronavirus crisis. Our customers are companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are experiencing particularly high demand during the corona crisis and in many cases have ramped up their production. Our CEO, Michael Grosse, has stated: “Syntegon’s mission is to provide process and packaging technology for a better life. We therefore see it as our responsibility to support the pharmaceutical and food industries with our technologies and be there for our customers as a service partner—especially when things get difficult.” 


LP: What do Syntegon’s customers expect from them during this time?

PJ: In order to respond to the increased production levels, we have expanded our customer service activities and introduced new measures. These include increased spare parts deliveries and providing customer service via digital platforms. We are conducting key meetings within the scope of customer projects, including model presentations and factory acceptance tests, virtually. Thanks to Syntegon’s global presence with local employees, we are able to carry out urgent service assignments in almost all cases, despite the current travel restrictions.


LP: What kind of efforts is Syntegon making during the COVID-19 crisis?

PJ: As mentioned, our customers are companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We have seen an increase in both areas as manufacturers are trying to meet increased demand. During this time, it is our highest priority for customers to receive machines as quickly as possible. Some customers we have recently served manufacture personal protective equipment, COVID-19 tests and medical supplies, which have become crucial for public health these last few months. Food demand has also become critical as stores struggled to stock their shelves when the coronavirus crisis first hit. Lastly, we are prepared and have already developed the ideal solution for the use of the Pharmatec SVP process system for the production of potential COVID-19 vaccines.

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