Company: Nu Life Market


Ingredient Snapshot: Nu Life Market has acquired the exclusive rights to a new patented extrusion process developed by the team of engineers, chemists, and extrusion technologists at GHL International. The exclusive patented technology pre-cooks whole grains and whole pulses to create clean label ingredients with multiple functional uses. Utilizing this technology, the NutraEZ line of products will include chickpeas, lentils, green and yellow peas, pinto beans, oats and sorghum, with the ability to create blends.

“Nu Life Market has always been passionate about providing our customers with sustainable, nutritious, allergen-free, and GMO-free functional food ingredients that taste great. This new licensed food processing technology will allow Nu Life Market to continue down the path of providing healthier sorghum food ingredient options and now vastly increase our product portfolio of offerings by providing whole pulse ingredients with controlled starch functionality and enhanced nutritional protein digestibility. This new technology will invigorate current product offerings for our customers and enhance the development of new healthy foods in almost every category. The Nu Life Market technical sales team is excited to introduce these new clean label functional ingredients to support the development of your next great food product," said Earl Roemer, president and founder, Nu Life Market.

In recent years, Nu Life Market has developed a number of functional sorghum products that provide clean label options for their customers. As the industry trends toward more plant-based options, the need for functional grain and pulse ingredients is greater than ever. Applications of the NutraEZ product line include vegan milk products, plant-based meats, sauces, spreads, extrusions, and bakery.