Rowdy Bars, known for their prebiotic and Yacon Root-powered line of nutrition bars, is proud to announce the expansion of their national distribution adding two partners to their list: UNFI and KeHE. These partnerships expand Rowdy Bars’ distribution nationally, reaching a broader community of health-conscious consumers across the US.

Aligning with the mission to spread wellness and clean nutrition nationwide, UNFI and KeHE help expand the Rowdy Bars distribution to new states and communities throughout regions of the US. With 58 distribution centers nationwide and over 40 years of experience, UNFI is nationally known as a pioneer in innovating the distribution landscape, taking a unique and laser-focused approach to meeting the demands of consumers. KeHE, with over 70 years of experience and founded by an independent retailer, joins the Rowdy Bar team with strong background in specialty distribution, aligning with the Rowdy Bars mission and core consumer.

“We are so proud and honored to partner with such renowned distributors in the industry,” said Kellie Lee, founder of Rowdy Bars. “By partnering with UNFI and KeHE who not only align with our core values and brand mission, but widely expand our independent retail distribution, we are able to get in the hands of consumers and support small businesses we value.”

Both distributors will provide independent retailers access to the complete line of Rowdy Bar products, including the latest product release, the Keto Chocolaty Cookie Bar.