Company: King's Pastry


Introduced: September 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $12.99, $18.99

Product Snapshot: As King’s Pastry continues to expand their distribution throughout the U.S., they have launched a new premium layered bar cake brand, Château Bakery, featuring internationally-inspired flavors meant to satisfy the growing consumer demand for unique international flavor profiles throughout the food industry. The initial assortment of cakes highlights flavors from Europe and Latin American while also offering a few classic flavors consumers have always loved.

King’s Pastry’s independent research studies found that cakes continue to be the most desired dessert within U.S. in-store bakeries across all demographics, but that consumers, especially millennials, are increasingly looking for unique flavor profiles but often have to turn to independent or specialty bakeries to find what they are looking for. The studies also showed that Hispanics had a higher affinity for in-store bakeries, but struggled to find flavor profiles that represented their culinary heritage. The culmination of these findings was the inspiration for exploring international cakes.

“We always go beyond by sourcing the best quality ingredients from its place of origin to create our scratch-made fillings, syrup, and mousse recipes to produce up to eighteen layers into our bar cakes,” said Katty Ho, vice president of business development at King’s Pastry. “Our bar cakes are our most premium offering and include authentic, high quality ingredients like the ladyfingers in our Tiramisu that we import from Italy and custom-made real mascarpone for our Tiramisu mousse. To learn that consumers want them but are having to seek them out across various independent bakeries only strengthened our resolve to make their lives easier and bring what they want to the in-store bakeries.”

Château’s initial flavors include: American Classics and European flavors with Fresh Raspberry Chocolate, Silky Boston Cream, Exquisite Tuxedo, Tiramisu Classico, Victorian Strawberry, and Raspberry Limoncello Luminoso. Château’s new Latin American flavor series include: Dulce de Leche Cremoso, Churro Delicioso, Tres Leches de Fresas, and Tres Leches de Café.

8x4 bar cakes will retail for $12.99, and 12x4 bar cakes will retail for $18.99.

With its curious taste buds and keen eye to provide innovation and international selection, King’s Pastry intends to continuously monitor emerging flavor trends to identify new and interesting ingredients to use in their cakes and expand their offerings.