For founder and head baker, Antonio Russo, True Delicious started out as a passion project and quickly evolved into a fulltime business. True Delicious Biscotti and Shortbread cookies have raised the bar in in the biscotti market. Full flavored and tasty, each bite is packed with the very best, Non-GMO, 100 percent natural, locally sourced ingredients. Many of the recipes have been handed down through generations, as Antonio’s father is a highly respected pastry chef in Italy and Europe. With True Delicious Biscotti and Shortbread cookies, you can count on each product to be an authentic treat sure to indulge a sweet tooth without using any harmful preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial flavors.

Since opening its doors just under two years ago, True Delicious products have satisfied the bellies of thousands of happy customers. In addition to the original line of Biscotti, True Delicious is proud to officially launch their line of Shortbread cookies at Specialty Food Live 2020! Distributed in Northern California by Ital Foods, True Delicious is looking to partner with other regional distributors and markets throughout the U.S.

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